We face emergencies with civic hacking, transforming data into collective knowledge with open source software and tools to aid the population.

emergenzeHack is a non-profit, inclusive collective of italian civic activists formed in 2016, when the Central Italy earthquake affected millions of lives: we created TerremotoCentroItalia to match the needs of the population and the available offers, while keeping people updated. We gathered 2K reports, matching people in need with solidarity initiatives. In 2020, we replicated this effort with Covid19Italia Help.
We are volunteers with very varied backgrounds: developers, hackers, journalists, social media managers, editors and much more.


We provide tools and workflows to:


Gather, crowd-verify, label and geolocalise data coming from forms, bots and other sources.


Expose freely the resulting enriched datasets to the community, aiding similar projects.


Present, geolocalise and deliver information to interested targets using story telling, socials and communication tools.

What's happening?

Covid19Help is serving more than 2700 reports. From psicological support services to local initiatives offering delivery of primary needs and medications. We geolocalise, crowd-verify and distribute these informations on maps, socials and feeds to tens of thousands visitors. Greek and Portuguese communities replicated our initiatives using our technologies.

Join Us

Join us on Slack server or on the Telegram chat. Contribute with code and join the discussions on GitHub.